First live animal movement flown on American’s service


American Airlines (AA) Cargo’s first ever live animal movement between The Netherlands and the US has seen Tiffany, a Dutch Smoushond flown across the Atlantic Ocean.

The dog became an animal VIP when specialist animal movements’ forwarder – Animals to Fly – called on AA Cargo to organise her transport to Philadelphia.

Dutch Smoushond’s are extremely rare and Tiffany is only a puppy so required additional specialist handling and care.

AA Cargo’s general sales agent in The Netherlands – FlyUs – assigned animal loving team members Patrick Smidt and Benny Bekker to take care of the special passenger.

The night before her flight she was brought to the Animals by Air facility where she slept overnight and on the morning of departure she played happily and had a walk before being taken to the aircraft. As a very unusual breed she created quite a stir during the check-in process.

Safely loaded onto the Boeing 757 aircraft for the flight Tiffany was re-united with her delighted owners just nine hours later.

FlyUs team member, Patrick Smidt, says: “We are so pleased and proud of how Tiffany’s journey went we now have a photo of her hanging in a special place on our office wall.

“We’ll never forget our first Tiffany and we believe she is a trail blazer for many others to fly with American Airlines Cargo”.