First Lufthansa pax aircraft full of air cargo

Lutfhansa suspends flights to Kyiv
Airbus A330 of Lufthansa D-AIKI ("Jena") at Frankfurt Airport

In an effort to utilise resources in a time when passenger demand is at an all-time low, Lufthansa has flown its first-ever passenger aircraft full with cargo rather than passengers.

The 11 hours 6 minute journey from China to Germany was completed in a Lufthansa A330. The aircraft landed in Frankfurt on March 25 at 14:14. Both the belly-hold of the aircraft and the cabin storage were utilised, carrying mostly medical supplies, including masks and other protective equipment.

The Lufthansa Group and Lufthansa Cargo are looking in to the possibility of operating further flights exclusively for cargo transport on passenger aircraft. Lufthansa has emphasised: “Especially in emergency and crisis situations, logistics and airfreight are of particular importance.”