Fewer freighter flights means less cargo for Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport Cargo City South

Cargo volumes at Frankfurt Airport fell by 6.4 per cent in July due to fewer freighters and less freight being shipped in passenger aircraft.

The German airport handled 175,960 tons, the lowest figure in July since the 2009 financial crisis, mainly due to the number of freighter aircraft operating from Frankfurt, with flight numbers down 3.1 per cent.

Capacity was also not being utilised, with the amount of cargo on freighter aircraft down 7.7 per cent.

The amount of cargo flying in the belly of passenger aircraft was also down 5.8 per cent due to more passengers and the use of smaller aircraft.

Freighter flights via Moscow continuing to the Far East declined dramatically, by almost 75 per cent, with traffic heading via Saudi Arabia and China not being able to compensate for this fall.

Intercontinental traffic to North America was also down 5.5 per cent and Africa by 8.5 per cent, while Latin America was up 4.7 per cent, the Middle East by 5.2 per cent and the Far East by two per cent.

The USA declined due to lower amounts of belly freight while Latin America grew due to increased freighter flights to and from Colombia and Argentina, which are experiencing economic recovery.