Freightos launches the Freight Rate Calculator

Freightos founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Zvi Schreiber
Freightos founder and chief executive officer, Zvi Schreiber

Freightos has launched its Freight Rate Calculator offering freight estimates for air, ocean and trucking shipments across the globe.

The calculator is being launched as a public beta, and Freightos says this is the first time that international freight rate estimates for the whole globe are publicly available, which will bring transparency to an industry it says is opaque.

The logistics technology company says retailers, exporters, distributors and wholesalers can get immediate freight rate estimates with the optional ability to book some of the rates on the Freightos Marketplace.

Freightos chief executive officer and founder, Dr Zvi Schreiber says: “The global economy needs dynamic, transparent data but global shipping has been a bottleneck. Over the past four years, Freightos has brought this opaque industry into the sunlight. Our Freight Rate Calculator brings us one step closer to our goal of transparent freight.”

“We anticipate this will provide a leg-up to small and medium-sized businesses that can benefit from access to instantaneous and comprehensive freight estimates at real time market rates.”