New fulfillment centre for va-Q-tec


va-Q-tec has opened a new Fulfillment Centre for its serviced rental business at the company’s headquarters in Wuerzburg.

At the site, various high-performance packaging systems, from thermal transport boxes to airfreight containers, are prepared for each customer’s transport requirements – meeting the demands of pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive cargo.

va-Q-tec says healthcare companies are particularly dependent on secure and reliable cold chain logistics, and are showing strong demand for this service.

In the new Wuerzburg Fulfillment Centre, over an area of 2,500 square metres, up to 10,000 packaging systems with 11 to 74 litres interior volume and 400 containers with a cargo capacity of up to two US/Euro pallets can be made available for temperature-controlled transport per month.

The passive high-performance packaging systems require no external energy sources during transport and enable, for example, the secure transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products. Various temperature ranges between -60°C (or even below) and + 40°C are available.

va-Q-tec chief executive officer, Joachim Kuhn says: “va-Q-tec is a technology leader for passive thermal packaging solutions. With our innovative rental and fulfillment services for high-performance thermal transport boxes and containers we are setting new service standards in the pharmaceutical and cold chain logistics.

“Due to ever more stringent product security requirements, we currently see a huge growth potential in this market. Therefore, we are very happy that we are now able to serve our increasing customer base also from our German headquarters. At the same time, we set a signal for the business location Wuerzburg.”

Within its serviced rental business, va-Q-tec offers the rental of thermal containers and multi-use boxes and provides ancillary services such as preconditioning, cleaning, sterilisation or temperature tracking.