Gatwick Airport’s cargo recovers from 2015 slump

BA at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport’s cargo volumes grew by 13.3 per cent in December to 7,375 tonnes, as it recovers from the slump in volumes seen in 2015.

December cargo volumes were up 13.3 per cent on the same month on 2015, though December 2015 had seen a year-on-year fall of 11.4 per cent.

Cargo volumes for 2016 were up 6.2 per cent to 77,995 tonnes, though 2015 had seen a year-on-year fall of 17.3 per cent from 88,737 tonnes to 73,411 tonnes.

Gatwick Airport chief executive officer, Stewart Wingate says the airport’s figures are 14 years ahead of industry predictions and are an impression conclusion to Gatwick’s 80th anniversary.

He says: “Gatwick’s booming long-haul services and increased cargo volumes illustrate the vital contribution the airport continues to make to the local and national economy, in the airport’s busiest-ever December, as we continue to offer the UK Government a credible and deliverable option for runway expansion.”