Gebrüder Weiss starts the new training year with 90 apprentices

Gebrüder Weiss starts the new training year with 90 apprentices
90 apprentices are starting their training at Gebrüder Weiss in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In the picture: Stefan Oberhauser (left), Branch Manager Lauterach, and Willibald Nigsch (right), Branch Manager Wolfurt, with the 13 new apprentices from Vorarlberg. (Source: Gebrüder Weiss / Sams)

Gebrüder Weiss has positive figures to report despite the subdued mood on the apprentice employment market: 90 young people started their training this year at the international logistics group in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, meaning that the company has now taken on more apprentices than in the previous year (2020: 71). And that despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has made recruiting new people more difficult. Gebrüder Weiss has been relying ever more on digital solutions and channels than conventional face-to-face events (such as training events) to get young applicants interested in the logistics industry and to engage them in a dialog.

The logistics company also scores well with its good reputation: as a training company and a reliable employer. “Job security is a very important factor for young applicants when deciding where they want to work. Gebrüder Weiss stands for sustainable economic success and has done so for generations. The current situation with the coronavirus has given the company the opportunity to prove once again its ability to withstand crises and to continue on its course of growth,” says Monika Mandl, Head of Human Resources Development at Gebrüder Weiss. Gebrüder Weiss is currently training a total of 254 apprentices at 33 locations throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The successful dual training model 

The logistics company is committed to supporting the development of new experts in other national companies as well: in Serbia – where Gebrüder Weiss has been offering dual training on the basis of the model followed by German-speaking locations for years – there are currently twelve apprentices. This successful model will be adopted in Hungary from this year onwards in cooperation with the local schools, where five students are due to start their training to become freight forwarding logistics managers.

With more than 7,400 employees, 170 company-owned locations and an annual turnover of 1.77 billion euros (2020), Gebrüder Weiss ranks among Europe’s leading transport and logistics companies. In addition to its core business of land transport, air & sea freight, and logistics, the company operates a number of highly specialized industry solutions and subsidiaries under the umbrella of Gebrüder Weiss Holding AG, based in Lauterach (Austria) – including the logistics consultancy firm x|vise, tectraxx (industry specialist for hi-tech businesses), dicall (communications solutions, market research, training), Rail Cargo (railway transports), and the Gebrüder Weiss parcel service GWP, co-shareholder of the Austrian company DPD. This bundling of services allows the corporate group to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly. Today, having implemented a variety of environmental, economic and social initiatives, the family-run company with a 500-year history is also considered a pioneer in sustainable business practices.