Globalink Network embraces digitisation through strategic partnership with SkySpace Cargo


An independent freight forwarder network has announced a strategic partnership to bring cutting edge cargo booking software to its members.

Globalink Network of Oceanside, California inked a deal with Miami-based SkySpace Cargo to access instant quote functionality, tender management and an electronic payment gateway for air cargo booking transactions.

Globalink is a private network of vetted agents, with membership limited by region. High demand prompted CEO Bill Siemens to launch a sister organisation, the Global Value Network.

Siemens credits 16 years of growth to the company’s commitment to building strong business relationships and staying abreast of industry trends.

“At both Globalink and Global Value, we have a long track record of introducing new and innovative tools to our members, usually being the first in our industry,” he says.

One trend that is impossible to ignore is the adoption of technologies to increase speed, transparency, and accuracy of the traditional logistics workflow.

SkySpace Cargo is the world’s first air cargo trading platform, where freight forwarders can quote, book and manage cargo shipments. The platform optimizes routes across the globe from over 50,000 flights and more than 100 airlines. An instant quote tool with pricing updated daily eliminates the need for days-long price negotiation with each carrier. Customs documentation can be uploaded directly to the platform in advance of a shipment, and at origin, cargo photographs and inspection documents are added to the file.

Globalink and Global Value agents will now be able to view documents and monitor the status of each shipment from their desktop or mobile device, reducing costly customs delays and unexpected damage issues. Transparent pricing, instant quotes and a built-in payment gateway streamline negotiation and billing.

“All SkySpace customers have access to tools equal to or better than the existing market leaders,” said SkySpace CEO Toby Raworth. Siemens agrees, adding, “given the digitization trend sweeping our industry, SkySpace is exactly what our members need to compete with any of the new digital services, and to stay ahead of this trend.”