Goodman GLS joins 1GSA network as member for Korea

Goodman GLS chief executive, H.E. Shin

The independent GSA network, 1GSA continues to grow with the appointment of Goodman GLS as its exclusive member for Korea.

The Goodman GLS GSSA business was launched in 2014 and represents Westjet, Cubana and the Leisure Cargo portfolio of 14 airlines, providing access to destinations throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa.

It provides a full portfolio of GSSA services to airlines covering sales and marketing, reservations, revenue accounting, load planning and handling supervision.

The company can also manage import operations where required, provide ground transportation including door-to-door and courier services, and assist airlines with their landing rights applications.

Goodman GLS chief executive, H.E. Shin says: “We are delighted to have been selected as 1GSA’s representative for Korea. Joining this growing group will enable us to increase our profile internationally, as well as providing our fellow members with a strong presence in the important Korean market.”

1GSA president, David Lee adds: “Korea is an important and growing market, and the addition of Goodman GLS to our network – with both export and import capabilities – provides 1GSA with a significant further enhancement to its airline proposition. We look forward to growing together as we explore and realise mutual opportunities.”