Government reforms helping the Indian market grow

M&C Aviation India CEO, Harish Shah

The Indian airfreight market will continue to see strong growth, general sales agent (GSA) M&C Aviation India chief executive officer, Harish Shah (pictured) tells Air Cargo Week.

Shah says 2017 has started well in India with 18.5 per cent year-on-year growth from January to May, and the whole company has also performed well, gaining an additional airline contract during the first half of 2017.

Having already seen substantial growth in India this year, Shah is confident about the rest of 2017, saying: “Implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) will need to be watched but do not foresee this affecting the overall business.”

Reforms are expected to help airfreight grow, Shah comments: “The Government and various departments within have been supportive of the growth and finding ways and means to streamline and simplify the working process in co-ordination with the manufacturing sector and air freight industry.”

Shah believes this initiative will lead to shorter cycle times for manufacturers and faster availability for the end customer.

He adds: “As a GSA, we will be part of the growth as carriers will increase their frequency or bring in wide body belly capacity and operate into new markets.”

M&C Aviation has joined the new GSA network, 1GSA, and Shah expects this to help business.

He says: “We as M&C Aviation benefit with this membership as it helps us to interact with other members in the network wherein we as M&C are not represented in certain part of the globe and can support each other in their respective markets as well as look out for new opportunities benefitting us.”

The company has 32 offices in 19 countries, and continues to grow.

Shah says: “We can service our customers from any of these countries and that in itself is an advantage to the carriers and customers. Being a member of 1GSA will further assist M&C Aviation in their growth path through the growing network of members in its fold.”