GRU Airport becomes a strategic member of Pharma.Aero

GRU Cargo Terminal

Sao Paolo’s International Airport, GRU Airport, has become a strategic airport member of Pharma.Aero, and a regional representative of the global cross-industry network of LifeScience and MedTech air cargo industry stakeholders.

GRU Cargo Complex is the largest airport logistics complex in Latin America, and Brazilia’s number one pharma hub with the largest airport cold storage facilities in the region.

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Trevor Caswell, chairman of Pharma.Aero, welcomed GRU Airport’s decision to upgrade its role in the organisation: “We are thrilled to have GRU Airport as our newest strategic member for the Eastern South American region. GRU Airport is the largest pharma hub in Brazil, and we are excited to have such a strategic airport, with such a robust pharma logistics program join our membership. This recent addition will continue to strengthen our global cross-industry partners in South America, where pharmaceutical logistics plays an integral role in the air cargo market.”

GRU Airport has been a Pharma.Aero full member since October 2020 and decided now to become a strategic member and take part in the decision-making process of the organisation.

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“After 2 years as full member and several investments made to improve our pharma infrastructure and operations we are pleased to be announced as a strategic airport member representing South America along with LACC and assuming higher responsibilities to develop the Pharma sector,” Hugo Repolho, commercial cargo manager of GRU Airport, said.

“The Pharma segment has been at the core of GRU Airport’s activity over the years and is growing more and more with better infrastructure, improved operation, and certifications. This opportunity will allow us to work closely with key pharma logistic players and develop projects that for sure will modernise the sector and optimise cargo flows,” Repolho added.

As a strategic member, GRU Airport becomes a voting member of the General Assembly and can run for a position on the board of directors. Also, as a strategic member of

Pharma.Aero, GRU Airport represents an important pharma community and can organise Pharma.Aero regional events to enhance collaboration among all supply chain stakeholders and bring more potential pharmaceutical manufacturers into the organisation.