GRU Airport to run incentive initiative to draw in cargo flights


Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport (GRU Airport) has started an incentive program and will now no longer have landing fees for cargo flights.

The ‘GRU Incentives Program’ is for carriers operating routes between Guarulhos and countries in Africa, North America, Asia, Europe or Oceania.

The airport says it is encourage new international cargo flights and expand business opportunities, and exemptions will be from 27 March 2016 to 25 March 2017, for cargo only operations.

Airlines interested in joining the program must meet minimum requirements, like operating a new regular route between GRU Airport and a country in Africa, North America, Asia, Europe or Oceania.

In order to qualify to the incentive operations must be outside peak hours and take place at least once a week with monthly regularity of at least 80 per cent, according to Hotran planning.

GRU Airport Cargo closed 2015 with a two per cent market share growth in international air cargo. In 2014, its market share was 36 per cent and last year it increased to 38 per cent between imports and exports, consolidating its position as the largest air cargo terminal in Brazil.

The gateway says the goal of attracting new cargo flights is to offer a complete logistics solution to customers that already operate with GRU Airport, as many types of cargo can only be transported by cargo only aircraft.