Hamburg Air Cargo Handling Company taken over by Dettmer Group


Bremen-based Dettmer Group which owns LUG air cargo handling – has taken over the largest air cargo handling company at Hamburg Airport – Hamburg Air Cargo Handling Company (LHU).

Due to the insolvency of its former owner, the Carl Tiedemann Group, LHU was facing financial difficulties, but with the change in ownership and continuation of the company and the employment of the staff are secure.

The Deter Group says LUG aircargo handling is active at Frankfurt and Munich airports, and is a “reliable and experienced partner” in cargo handling and the storage of air cargo and the addition of LHU, further broadens its presence in the German air cargo market.

The Hamburg subsidiaries of the group include tank barges (Dettmer Reederei), rail logistics (Dettmer Rail), container packing (DCP) as well as waste disposal management in the Hamburg port area (Jongen).

Dettmer Group owner and chief executive officer, Heiner Dettmer says: “The affiliation of LHU with LUG air cargo handling will open new opportunities. The excellent connections of LUG to airlines worldwide airlines will help to raise cargo volumes in Hamburg.”

LUG aircargo handling handled over 300,000 tonnes of cargo in 2016 across Frankfurt and Munich airports.