Heathrow third runway decision set to be delayed

Media reports claim the UK government is putting off a final decision on expanding Heathrow Airport for another six months until the gateway can prove its ability to meet pollution targets.

This follows a meeting last week by a committee of MP’s who said the airports should be barred from building a third runway until it can reach the appropriate air quality standards.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron previously stated a decision would be made before Christmas, but a full cabinet discussion with opponents if the expansion won’t happen until the deciding committee of minister meet on Thursday.

However, Sky News tweeted via their account @SkyNewsBreak: “David Cameron’s spokeswoman says the Prime Minister will present clear direction on whether to expand Heathrow Airport by end of the year.”

Media reports claim that Cameron will use the concerns over air quality as an excuse not to make a decision on the controversial expansion plans.

He faces the threat of possible resignations from senior Tories after 30 Conservative MP’s urged him to press ahead now with a third runway.

Gatwick Airport has long since argued that expansion at Heathrow Airport is not politically deliverable as will breach environmental targets and says its plan for a second runway is a better option.

In July, the Airports Commission recommended that Heathrow should be expanded with a third runway built, rather than a second at Gatwick. The commission said Heathrow would offer better connections to emerging markets and be more beneficial for the UK economy.