Hermes picks Jacek Lechocki as head of products and services

Hermes Logistics Technologies head of products and services, Jacek Lechocki

Hermes Logistics Technologies has picked Jacek Lechocki as head of products and services, taking the helm on the cargo and quality control teams.

He will be responsible for cargo product management and help desk services, as well as heading cargo sales efforts among other areas of the business.

Lechocki says he is excited to join Hermes and is ready to put previous air cargo experience to good use.

He says: “My fascination with air cargo started at British Airways World Cargo, where I managed the global customer engagement programme for the adoption of electronic messaging and barcoding, as part of the new business transformation.”

Lechocki adds: “Subsequently, I managed a portfolio of commercial and services e-business projects, including e-bookings, Cargo 2000 development and accreditation and electronic messaging and customer connections, as well as participating in IATA working groups for development of Cargo 2000, e-AWB and XML data standards.”

Hermes Logistics Technologies chief executive officer, Yuval Baruch says the company is “thrilled” to welcome Lechocki to the team due to his experience in the engineering, cargo, marketing, telecommunications and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

He says: “We have begun upgrading our customers to the new version of our cargo management and hub management systems, a process that involves, in brief, demos, release documentation and testing.

“Our team of tech experts has already commenced the development of Hermes NG, a native Cloud-developed suite of products, offering increased value in addition to the great functionality of Hermes at its core.”