High demand for AirBridgeCargo’s abc XL service


Demand for AirBridgeCargo Airlines’ (ABC) abc XL product for oversized and heavy cargo keeps increasing with 3% growth in the first four months of 2019.

Volumes have grown to more than 11,000 tonnes and to increase brand awareness, ABC has rolled out its abc XL livery on one of its Boeing 747 Freighter.

Vasiliy Zhukov, general director heavy and outsized cargo at ABC says: “We are excited to have our first ‘abc XL’ branded freighter within our modern fleet to support our further growth. The Boeing 747 freighter’s capabilities and efficiency – including its nose cargo door loading feature – significantly ramps up the volume of different oversized and heavy shipments we can transport across our international network.”

The highest upsurge of oversize and heavy shipments was from Europe to North America and vice versa, with around a two-fold increase out of Europe and 45% from North America.

Much of the growth is due to the dedicated abc XL product and proactive approach of its international team, as well as strengthening of three-party relationships feature “carrier-freight forwarder-OEM” to guarantee all requirements and conditions for safe and intact delivery.

The abc XL freighter will complement the existing abc pharma branded freighter in the airline’s fleet.