Jason Holt takes on key Cargolux role


Cargolux Airlines International has appointed Jason Holt as the carrier’s new nominated person for flight operations.

As the new post holder, Jason Holt succeeds Wieger Ketellapper, who will concentrate on the development of the planned joint venture airline in Zhengzhou (China), Cargolux China.

The change took effect on 15 October, after Cargolux was given approval from Luxembourg’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Holt has only recently taken up his position as Cargolux’s new executive vice president of flight operations. He joined Cargolux from Easyjet where he held the position of head of operations and operational strategy for the airline at Gatwick Airport.

Holt sees this role as the beginning of a new era, and says he aims to work on strengthening trust within the   organization, a factor which he considers fundamental.

“It makes good business sense connecting with all of the teams to ensure and understand how we can interact better, listen more attentively to feedback and propose ideas for the future benefit of everyone at Cargolux,” Holt says.

“We are working together as a broad business team so we can start to build the platform that gets voices heard and solutions formulated. Trust and passion are the foundation for the future of the organization.”