Hoopo & KONOIKE Group bring GSE visibility to Kansai International


Hoopo Systems has formed a partnership with KONOIKE Group and the introduction of the hoopoLogic tracking solution to improve ground operations efficiency at
Kansai International Airport.

The hoopoLogic solution is provided by iLand6, the local distributor of hoopo’s system in Japan.

According to KONOIKE Group: “Technology can help ground handlers deliver high-quality services to their airline clients by creating affordable visibility to
their fleet of cargo dollies with the aim of eliminating manual search and improving turnaround times. Therefore, KGS has been interested in such telematics.”

This partnership strives to use hoopo’s power-efficient GSE tracking solution to generate and analyze location-based data to improve ground operations through visualisation of ground support equipment in real-time. Thus, the solution helps maximize asset utilization and optimise procurement. Additionally, the data collected over time by hoopo’s tracking solution could be utilised for big data analysis to improve resource allocation in and between airports.