House of Lords studies drones


AN investigation into the civil use of drones by the UK government’s second legislative chamber, the House of Lords, could have significant repercussions for the future development and growth of the European Union (EU) airfreight industry.


The inquiry by the House of Lords’ EU sub-committee on the internal market, infrastructure and employment started on 20 October. It will look at the civilian use of drones in the EU and expects to report back in March 2015.

Among questions being considered are the need for EU-wide legislation and how do the EU’s ideas for regulation compare to guidelines in other areas such as the US? The UK is already adhering to strict regulations and the committee will also be assessing whether further UK regulation will only hamper its future competitiveness.

Other key issues to be addressed include the development of technology which will enable drones to automatically  detect and avoid collisions and whether a new breed of lightweight and affordable drones pose a threat to national security.



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