IATA expresses outrage at Brussels terrorist attacks

IATA director general and chief executive officer Tony Tyler July 2015

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has expressed outrage at attacks in Brussels yesterday and offered its sympathies to the victims and their families and friends.

Two explosions near check-in counters took place at Brussels Airport yesterday morning, which are thought to have killed 11 people and injuring many more, while another explosion took place at a train station in the city, thought to have killed 20 and injuring many others.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks.

IATA’s director general and chief executive officer, Tony Tyler says: “Innocent people have been senselessly murdered in an attack on our humanity. Our thoughts are with the victims, and their families and friends.

“Questions of airport security will surely arise. The safety and security of our passengers and employees is always top priority. The aviation industry will continue to work closely with governments as they fulfill their responsibility to protect their citizens from evil acts with well-thought-out and coordinated measures.”

Tyler adds: “Aviation is a force for good. It brings the world together and fosters greater understanding of people and cultures. Those who commit terrorist acts know and fear this, and it is why air travel is so often a target. But terrorists will never succeed in destroying the fundamental urge and right of people to travel, explore and learn about the world. We stand united with the people of Brussels, where many of our own team live and work.”