ICAO, ITF look at sustainability

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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation will work together for the sustainable development of air transport.

The organisations signed a framework on 23 June in Montreal (Canada). It commits them to engaging in joint research and events, and to exchange staff and information. The agreement identifies potential topics for co-operation. Among them are international air transport liberalisation and aviation infrastructure investment.

The organisations will also work together on statistics methodology and data aggregation, data analysis and forecasting and economic studies on the development of air transport.
“This collaboration will provide added value for both organisations and for their member countries”, says ITF secretary-general, José Viegas. “It will help strengthen ITF’s understanding of the aviation sector. And it will help us provide ICAO with additional policy perspectives that can also include lessons from other transport modes.”

Other potential areas for joint initiatives are crisis management, sustainable development and climate change mitigation, as well as the promotion of compatible regulatory approaches towards international air transport among states. ICAO and ITF will accord each other observer status at their meetings. The collaboration will extend over an initial period of three years.

“Working co-operatively is, and has always been, fundamental to the aviation sector,” says ICAO council president, Dr Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu.
“This new framework for enhanced co-operation with ITF will allow us to more effectively meet our objectives and, at the same time, share our experiences and best practices to the benefit of ITF and its member states,” he adds.