I’m Mandy, fly me on Cargolux. Not!


Cargolux, one of the largest operators of all-freight B747 aircraft, is not the most obvious airline to be advertising for passenger flight attendants to serve nuts and G&Ts on a VIP operation. Nor would the carrier advertise for flight crews able to manage B737s.

Which is why a message on its corporate website warns would-be flight crews and attendants not to be scammed or conned with such advertisements.

The company says: “It has come to our attention that a dubious company or some individuals would be issuing communications (e-mails or adverts in specialised sites), claiming Cargolux is hiring flight crews for 737 and flight attendants for a VIP operation.

“These individuals are using the domain name www.cargo-lux.com and the email address pilotcareer@cargo-lux.com, whereas the correct domain name of Cargolux is www.cargolux.com.

“Cargolux wishes to inform that our company is not at the origin of these communications. Cargolux operates a fleet of Boeing 747 freighters and does not use any flight attendant.”

The cargo operator advises any person who may have been affected by this alleged scam to contact their local police station and refrain from any additional exchange or discussion with these individuals.

The airline is genuinely advertising and recruiting for B747 pilots and flight crew.