Incheon Airport creeps up 1.1% in January


Incheon International Airport’s volume was up 1.1 per cent in January, compared to the same month in 2014.

The airport reports it handled 199,932 tonnes, of which 94,460 tonnes were imports and 105,472 tonnes were exports. This was an increase on January last year, when it handled 197,828 tonnes, of which 93,894 tonnes were imports and 103,934 tonnes were exports.

Incheon says: “We expect an increase of air cargo Iby around three per cent in 2015, following last year’s increase of 3.8 per cent. We will continue to diversify air cargo items with freighters, forwarders, such as express cargoes, and perishable cargoes, [and the] export and import of fruits, fishes and vegetables.”

The gateway explains it is also planning to set up an incentive programme to attract more cargo networks and volume. It expects to launch this incentive scheme in early 2016.

“Incheon Airport is also trying to attract more logistic companies, manufacturers, distribution centres to Incheon Airport free trade zone (FTZ), in order to create more cargo volume by vitalising FTZ,” the airport adds.

Last year, Incheon handled 2.5 million tonnes of airfreight and its busiest months were March, when 234,009 tonnes were carried and November when 233,033 tonnes were handled. The overall amount of tonnes handled for exports and exports combined was 3.8 per cent up on the 2.4 million tonnes carried in 2013.


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