Indian mango exports prove fruitful for Emirates SkyCargo


Emirates SkyCargo has transported record volumes of mangoes from Mumbai in May and June with growth of more than 50 per cent.

Close to 1,130 tonnes of mangoes were uplifted from Mumbai to other destinations around the world using the belly space of passenger aircraft as well as freighters.

Since April 2018, over 2,650 tonnes of mangoes have been on exported from India, out of which 2,142 tonnes were from Mumbai.

Major markets for mango exports include the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and other parts of Europe.

India is one of the major exporters of premium mangoes in the world with the peak export season normally falling between April and June every year.

The state of Maharashtra is the largest grower of mangoes in the country exporting over 30,000 tonnes every year and Mumbai is an important gateway for the mango exports.

Between April and June 2018, Emirates SkyCargo also exported over 2,290 tonnes of other perishables from Mumbai, with large volumes of fruit and vegetables going to the UK and also the Middle East during Ramadan, which tends to be a busy season for perishable exports.

Emirates has a fleet of 265 aircraft including 14 freighters, also offering extensive cool chain facilities at its cargo terminals in Dubai for the transport of temperature sensitive goods including pharmaceuticals and perishables.

Emirates SkyCargo also provides supplementary protection to cargo using equipment including White Cover thermal blankets, White Containers and the world’s first Ventilated Cool Dollies.