Industry issues top of the agenda in Washington D.C


Pertinent issues within airfreight will be on the agenda from 4-5 October at the US Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit taking place at the Capital Hilton in Washington D.C.

Topics covered will relate to regulatory requirements, upcoming changes in the US administration and the importance of promoting air cargo across the US.

After a keynote address by US Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker the first session The Economic Importance of Air Cargo and its Role in e-commerce will take place.

A panel will discuss the importance of air cargo in the future growth of e-commerce and the impact it has on the US economy. Issues to be discussed include needed regulatory and IT changes, the growth of US exports and the jobs created by the air cargo industry.

Next up is the session The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and It’s Vision for the Future – where a panel will explore the issues the system has gone through and what it will do for trade and the government once it becomes fully online as originally designed.

After lunch a session entitled Air Cargo and It’s Social Relevance will focus on the industry’s role in ensuring aid is provided for emergency reliefs around the globe and ensuring the survival for wildlife and endangered species.

Next will be Future Course for Improving the US Air Traffic Control System, which will debate why many see a need of change and modernisation within the system.

A session The Real World of Air Cargo at Airports will then see a panel discuss the challenges facing airport officials, airline operators, forwarders and handling agents.

Other topics covered are entitled Safety on the Transportation of Special Cargo, Cross-Border Harmonization and Government Partnering in Aviation Security.

Last up will be a political overview with Washington in the middle of one of the most interesting Presidential election years in modern history, which will debate what might the new administration from November 2016 – Democrat or Republican – hold in store for commerce and particularly for the air cargo industry.

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