Pigs can fly!

Intradco Global transports 89 pigs

In December Intradco Global teamed up with ATRAN Airlines, an express carrier within Volga-Dnepr Group to transport 89 pigs across Russia, from Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) to Vladivostok International Airport (VVO) on behalf of their client, a pig breeding organisation.

Despite the small shipment, the pigs travelled in a dedicated B737F aircraft within custom-made wooden crates designed for optimal comfort and loading.

The pigs were transported to Moscow for their flight in trucks from Denmark, but there were some transit delays. Intradco Global closely monitored the pigs’ journey, and co-ordinated with the airport and airline to ensure that the animals were not subject to any further delays upon their arrival.

Heavy snow presented a further challenge during loading, as the pigs needed to be transferred from their truck to their crates as quickly as possible to prevent them, their crates and their bedding from getting wet. The client, Vnukovo Cargo staff and the Intradco Global team worked in close co-operation to ensure the pigs were loaded quickly and remained dry and comfortable despite the inclement weather.

Intradco Global senior charter broker, Dane Riecker, saidL “Despite the smaller size of this shipment it did not come without complications for us to overcome along the way. The flight was slightly delayed, and the pigs gained size and weight during this period. Due to this we had to be on our toes to make several changes related to the sizes and heights of crates. Also, customs on the Russian border were quite complex yet we managed to navigate this thanks to the constant assistance of our Russian Chapman Freeborn colleagues.”

This combination of efforts to overcome unavoidable challenges caused by the snow resulted in a successful and punctual flight, despite prior delays. Cargo preparation and loading went smoothly, and the flight departed on time with no further issues during the journey. Dane added: “We are very glad that all the pigs arrived well and are now settling into their new farm.”