Istanbul airport brings new export opportunities

Istanbul Grand Airport IGA

With the opening of Istanbul New Airport, the Turkish Exporters Assembly has launched an initiative to make the airport the new global export hub.

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) launched an advertising campaign to highlight the power of Turkish exporters and the potential available to them through increased cargo capacity and advanced logistics infrastructure.

Marking the 95th anniversary of the republic of Turkey under the slogan “As the world gets smaller, Turkish exports continue to grow”, the campaign highlights the airport’s role to enable Turkish exports to reach new destinations.

The new airport opened on 29 October, and houses 1.6 million square metres of logistics space with 5.5 million tonnes of cargo capacity.

TIM chairman, Ismail Gulle says: “Timely delivery is a key asset in today’s export world and with strong, advanced logistics infrastructure and enormous capacity, Istanbul New Airport will firmly establish Turkey as a global export leader. We are excited for this new platform which will accelerate Turkish goods being delivered around the globe.”

Gulle says Turkish exporters are excited by the opportunities the new airport brings, saying: “Strength in exports comes from being able to deliver on time and by focusing on logistics – and having the right infrastructure in place will keep us ahead of the competition.”

The new airport’s capacity will provide opportunities, with Gulle saying: “This is a gamechanger – an exciting day for Turkey and for global trade.”