IT Service Provider SMF Is New BARIG Business Partner


Whether in everyday life or in the economy, the digital transformation is omnipresent. Digitisation stands not only for new products and services, but also for intelligent connectivity. The focus is on implementing highly efficient data infrastructures, data security, and sustainability. Like other industries, the aviation industry is facing numerous challenges, but, at the same time, new opportunities are emerging as well. The current shortage of personnel in the industry is leading to increased pressure for automated processes. By means of digitisation, the intelligent exchange of information and data within process chains can become significantly more efficient. Such digitisation projects are part of the core business of the IT service provider SMF which is expanding the business partner network of the airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany) from now on.

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“Airlines already manage their highly specialised processes, yet they continue to work on improving and accelerating existing workflows with the help of new technologies and digitalisation. By transmitting important information, digital solutions can support in making the right decisions quickly,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, emphasises. “As new business partner, SMF assists our BARIG community in this field with experience, profound expertise as well as great creativity.”

 “Digitisation is one of the big buzzwords of our time, but it encompasses many different facets, and the resulting chances and challenges are completely customised for each individual company,” Wieland Feuerstein, Managing Director of SMF, explains. “As BARIG business partner, we would like to extend our know-how in the aviation industry and exchange ideas on digitalisation topics. From internal processes to customer services and loyalty management, we would be delighted to demonstrate the numerous opportunities that digital transformation offers.” 

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SMF has its company headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, and maintains several locations in other European countries as well. Their international customers come from many different sectors, such as finance, industry, or retail. Recently, SMF successfully completed a comprehensive project for an airline in Germany. With the help of digital processes, SMF managed to make ground handling more efficient—from passenger boarding and disembarking to baggage loading and unloading to refueling and cleaning of the aircraft—reducing waiting times and saving costs.