Jan de Rijk operating result increases 10% in 2016

Jan de Rijk Logistics transports Trix the T-Rex

Jan de Rijk Logistics’ operating result increased 10 per cent in 2016 and says the outlook for 2017 is “modestly optimistic”.

Turnover for 2016 was €208 million ($233.5 million) and an operating margin of €18.1 million, compared to €16.6 million in 2015, due to increased activities in contract logistics and further improvement initiatives.

The company says “the outlook for 2017 is modestly optimistic” saying the global economy and consumer trust continues to improve though rising labour costs, shortage of capacity in the market and increased legislation will be challenges in the near future.

Jan de Rijk transported a 66 million year old skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the city of Leiden, and it is now taking Trix the T-Rex on a tour throughout Europe.

The company picked up Trix on 14 June from the Naturalis Museum in Leiden on its first stretch to Salzburg, then the tour will continue to Barcelona and Paris, before going back to the Netherlands to fly to Asia for an international tour.