Jettainer and Lufthansa to develop “intelligent” containers

Photo (from left to right): Ralf Struckmeier, Vice President Logistics of Lufthansa Industry Solutions; Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH; Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR of Jettainer GmbH; Pieter Huyghens, Project Head Air Cargo Handling of Brussels Airlines

Jettainer and Lufthansa Industry Solutions are to cooperate on creating “intelligent” containers to help accelerate maintenance and control procedures in the future.

The containers will be able to provide information including location, temperature changes, shocks and other external factors independently and provide information about its state.

The new generation of containers will accelerate maintenance and control procedures, and at the same time the increased level of transparency will make it easier to determine who is responsible for any damage to the ULD. It is hoped companies will take greater care of the units, reducing damage.

Jettainer managing director, Carsten Hernig says: “The intelligent container will ensure greater transparency within the process chain in future. We’re deliberately breaking new ground here in order to make our services for customers even more efficient in future.”

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is to use its experience in tracking technologies in developing the digital containers, with other functions to be gradually added.