Jettainer tests digital containers for the next generation

From left to right: Dr. Holger Schlüter, Associate Director IoT/industry 4.0, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Arnd Trapp, Director IT & Operations Jettainer and Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR Jettainer

Jettainer has started testing its enhanced digital container, focusing on registering and recording shocks and damage, as well as temperature changes.

The outsourced ULD management subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo has worked with IT experts from Lufthansa Industry Solutions to revise the original device and equipped it with new functions.

Initially 100 units will be equipped with the new device for test operations in order to intensively verify functionality and data quality.

Jettainer says the main objective is for the incoming sensory information to provide reliable information about whether and what kind of damage is present allowing for maintenance and repair processes to be better planned and accelerated, improving efficiency.

Jettainer managing director, Carsten Hernig says: “The technical possibilities of the digital container enable us to reduce the time and financial expenditure for repair measures. With our 90,000 units in use worldwide, this has enormous potential.

“At the same time, the new containers also increase our ability to identify the originators of the damage. And that helps us to motivate people to implement a more responsible handling of the ULDs.”