Jettainer to sell squAIR-timber for trilatec


Jettainer has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with trilatec to sell its squAIR-timber skids.

The skids are made of recycled cardboard fibre composite materials that can replace wooden planks used for load distribution on airfreight pallets.

Weight savings of around 80% leads to significant reductions in fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

Thomas Sonntag, managing director of Jettainer says: “We were enthusiastic about squAIR-timber right from the start. It perfectly fits into our portfolio of innovative solutions in the area of loading equipment and their control and adds to our corporate claim of sustainable logistics.”

The elements are made of special cardboard fibre according to the carbon principle, which are much lighter than conventional wooden planks without reducing their payload capacity.

Each metre of the material carries up to five tonnes with a tare weight of 1.2 kilograms compared to 3-4 kilograms for wood.

The squAIR-timber consists of 100% recycled material, and trilatec says it is cost-effective and easily be disposed of with paper waste.

Andreas Langemann, managing director of trilatec says: “The sales cooperation for our product squAIR-timber offers us optimal access to airlines worldwide. A major advantage is that addressing potential customers through or together with Jettainer enables us to place our product with exactly the right contacts within the airlines.”