Jettainer turn the page on 2020


“No doubt, 2020 was challenging for the entire industry,” Thomas Sonntag, MD of Jettainer confirms.

Challenging, yes. But the year wasn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, it proved the resilience of many companies in the air cargo industry.

“We can confidently say that our business model proved to be robust and crisis-safe and of real benefit for our customers,” explains Sonntag.

“Airlines appreciated the value of outsourcing non-core activities, enabling them to put the much-needed focus on their key business, while we took care on their ULD management.”

“Together with our customers, we were able to find individual COVID-19 solutions based on the specific needs. We renewed contracts, are in discussions with prospects, and we won for example CEBU Pacific as a new customer.

“This success is certainly not to be taken for granted in these challenging times. It is the result of our employees’ commitment in combination with the close collaboration with our customers and partners, ” he adds.

Quick changes

“At the beginning of the crisis existing schedules, networks and routines collapsed within a very short time. We still experience ever-changing flight plans, cancellations of schedules and the setup of ad hoc operations.

“This can quickly lead to ULD under- and overstock situations; operational processes need to be setup with new airport and handling partners.

“However, Jettainer reacted immediately and has equipped countless flights with ULDs to keep global supply chains running. Due to our extensive global network, our industry expertise, and our integrated IT solutions, we are able to guarantee the availability of ULDs wherever and whenever they are needed.

“Our global leasing service JettLease has played a decisive role, too. We won new customers and made the impossible possible. For example, through our Hong Kong office, we were able to organize short notice ULD transports to airports, which are usually not connected to our customers’ network.

“Furthermore, our ULD sharing platform skypooling has played its part in balancing over- and under stocks of ULDs, not only for Jettainer customers but as an industry wide collaboration platform for the entire air transportation community.”