Kales Airlines Services transports medical relief goods to Ukraine with the Red Cross


Kales Group has bought two truckloads full with medical relief goods that have been delivered to the Polish Red Cross on March 31. The goods will be transported to the affected people in Ukraine.

“We are honoured to be able to help the people in need due to this horrendous situation which has already resulted in the displacement of more than 6 million Ukrainians, both nationally as internationally. The terrible reality of the war in Ukraine is that the needs are growing every day. It is great to see that not only our company but so many other companies and individuals in the world are helping with donations and relief goods”, says Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO of Kales Group. I want to thank our management in Poland under the leadership of Sebastian Kraucki for arranging these transports. Our thoughts are with all the innocent people who are affected.

Honorata Krzywoń, managing director of Polish Red Cross Mazovian district said she is grateful to the Kales Group for organising such specific humanitarian aid and deliveries to their central warehouse, from which they will get in a Red Cross convoy directly to parts of Ukraine. The first truck with goods received from Kales Group has been already delivered to Lviv.

“I’m very proud we could find such high demanded medical and sanitary equipment which will save many lives of the innocent people of Ukraine. The trucks will deliver professional disposable items used for surgeries and hospitalisation like sterile medical aprons, pads, covers, wraps and dressings,” said Sebastian Kraucki, managing director for Kales in Poland.

Below in the pictures: Sebastian Kraucki, managing director for Kales Poland helping to load the relief goods in the two contracted trucks together with Honorata Krzywoń, managing director of the Red Cross Mazovian district.