Kansai International Airport forms CEIV Pharma community


A pharmaceutical community has been developed at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport in Japan as the gateway looks to increase pharma traffic.

The operator Kansai Airports says the KIX Pharma Community will work towards acquiring IATA’s CEIV Pharma certificate and all six community members will train towards gaining the certification from spring through to summer next year.

The KIX Pharma Community was developed in August this year and will see six participating companies: Bolloré Logistics Japan, CKTS Co (Kansai Airports Group), Hankyu Hanshin Express Co, JAL Kansai Aircargo System Co, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation and Yusen Logistics Co.

Kansai International Airport says it has been improving the quality of pharma cargo handling, and with the airport playing a central role, Japan’s first ever airport-based pharma community will be formed to work toward acquiring the certification.

The certification it explains will allow the airport to provide customers in the pharma and related industries with “safer and higher quality of pharmaceutical transport services”.

Kansai Airports adds it will continue to cooperate with air transport companies and strive for further improving the quality of pharma cargo handling at Kansai International Airport.