la COUVERTURE: changing the face of temperature-sensitive shipment handling


la COUVERTURE is changing the face of temperature-sensitive shipment handling in airports. la COUVERTURE is a hybrid solution that is totally unique in the air cargo market: it offers a level of protection near to that of a thermal dolly at a much lower cost, while also being as easy to use as a standard thermal cover. It protects temperature-sensitive shipments (+15°C to +25°C) from temperature variations during the tarmac handling phase.

“la COUVERTURE is the first hybrid solution, halfway between a thermal dolly and a cover, to meet the specific need to protect temperature-sensitive products (+15°C to +25°C) from the airport’s cargo warehouse to the airport apron,” commented Marco Del Giudice, owner of la COUVERTURE.

Indeed, the solutions currently on the market are either very expensive (refrigerated trolleys and trucks) or are not suited to the specific requirements of airport handling (demanding both robustness and protection against extreme thermal variations). la COUVERTURE addresses both of these issues by combining the best of both solutions while also eliminating their limitations.

It took one year of development to create la COUVERTURE, with testing of prototypes in real airport handling conditions (including in mid-summer in Rome) and in refrigerated containers.

Following this R&D, la COUVERTURE can now offer five-hour protection for ULDs on the tarmac thanks to innovative cooling materials (PCMs – phase change materials) that absorb heat. And the innovation doesn’t stop there: la COUVERTURE is fitted with a GPS tracker, allowing its location within the airport to be identified. In addition to its technical innovation, another key feature of la COUVERTURE is its sustainability. Partly made of recycled bottles (192.5 PET bottles per cover), it is strong and reusable, and using la COUVERTURE is carbon-neutral.