LATAM Cargo upgrades product portfolio


LATAM Cargo has upgraded its product portfolio, offering customers up to 19 combinations to specifically address customer’s shipment needs from 1 October.

The portfolio, which offers services including PHARMA for pharmaceutical products, ALIVE for live animals and EXPRESS for urgent shipments, will initially be made available for cargo originating in North America and Europe, while implementation in South America will take place gradually and be concluded during the first quarter of 2017. There will be 11 care options and three services, which LATAM says, cater for specific needs of each and every shipment.

LATAM Cargo senior vice president development, alliances & marketing, Gabriel Oliva says: “The company also considered its network when designing its portfolio, all factors combined led us to a highly specialised portfolio, with products such as PHARMA, for transporting pharmaceutical products; ALIVE, for live animals; and PROTECT, for vulnerable cargo.”

LATAM says it underwent an internal transformation over the course of two years to develop new processes, systems and structures to ensure the success of the new product portfolio. This included a new IT system to allow LATAM Cargo to manage several commitments at the same time, identifying both the service and care option selected at the time of booking to ensure delivery throughout the transportation chain.

LATAM Cargo chief executive officer, Cristián Ureta says: “The new portfolio ensures consistent delivery throughout our entire international network. The system allows us to control over each shipment and execute continuously the promise of each product as well as generate data for quality management.”