Leipzig/Halle signs MoU with Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport


Leipzig/Halle Airport and Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport have signed a memorandum of understanding to help airfreight grow between the two airports.

The agreement creates the framework for long-term cooperation with a major focus on e-commerce and exchange of experience and information, as well as personnel.

E-commerce in Vietnam is growing rapidly, with the volume of airfreight between Vietnam and the European Union rising 94 per cent between 2012 and 2017, and by 70 per cent between Vietnam and Germany.

Noi Bai is one of the largest airports in Vietnam and handles about 712,700 tonnes of cargo a year, with the potential for further growth.

The delegation trip was led by Saxon state minister for economic affairs, labour and transport, Martin Dulig, who says: “The modern infrastructure and the 24-hour operating permit for freight traffic have created significant growth in the volumes of freight being handled. We want to continue this success story.

“The memorandum of understanding that we’ve signed today can open up new doors for us in south-east Asia and make a contribution towards continuing to strengthen Saxony as a business centre.”

Chairman of the board of Leipzig/Halle’s operator Mitteldeutsche Flughafen, Gotz Ahmelmann says: “Leipzig/Halle Airport fulfils all the conditions for acting as a multimodal hub for flows of goods between Vietnam, Germany and Europe in future and has been able to attract an important player in the region in the form of Noi Bai International Airport.”

He adds: “In addition to the general conditions in the form of ideal infrastructure, the continually developing product portfolio in terms of logistics services at the airport creates the basis for establishing direct transport services in future.”