Liege Airport appoints Franz Heuckeroth van Hessen to key role

Liege Airport

Liege Airport has appointed Franz Heuckeroth van Hessen as vice president of air services and he will start the role from 1 May this year.

He will join from his role as cargo director and sales at Cologne Bonn Airport, where he has been since 2008.

Liege Airport chief executive offiicer, Luc Partoune praised Franz’s qualifications and expects him to be a tremendous added value for the company, adding: “Franz has a huge experience in the air cargo business and a large expertise in the logistics services and customers relationship. He has acquired along his career a deep respect and confidence all over the international cargo community.

“With this addition to the cargo team, Liege airport will reinforce the leadership in the full cargo world and achieve the excellence in air services in Europe by creating a real Flexpress airport. We are excited to work together and develop the vision of integrated airport services into the Flexpress product.”