Liege selects Nallian for Air Cargo open data sharing platform


Liege Airport is to employ the Nallian for Air Cargo suite, a data-sharing platform topped by a set of collaborative applications. It will empower Liege Airport and its cargo stakeholders to operate in an integrated way that generates business benefits. A data lake will allow the airport to further maximize the value of this shared data, enabling in-depth analysis that helps them to better understand their cargo streams and make informed decisions.

With an annual volume of more than 700.000 tonnes, Liege Airport is launching a cloud-based platform that enables its stakeholders to operate in a more collaborative, integrated way. Single data-entry and secure data-exchange are key in this innovative digitalisation project that makes way with traditional, inefficient one-to-one communication and information siloes.

Using Nallian’s open data sharing platform, information that is uploaded once can be shared in a secured, controlled way with other parties. A set of collaborative applications enables to capture and share this single version of the truth in a wide range of processes. Liege Airport is starting off with 6 applications: slot booking, export VAT recovery, freight consolidation, e-commerce declaration, cargo performance monitoring, and track & trace. These have already proven to generate significant benefits in terms of time savings, performance increase and process predictability in other implementations.

A data lake will be fueled with information from these applications, allowing the airport to, amongst others, analyze freight routes in much more detail, using a set of parameters such as freight origin or final destination, commodities, airline, transport mode etc. Gaining better insights in its cargo streams will allow the airport to make strategic decisions based on real-world information.

Liege Airport vp air services Franz Heuckeroth Van Hessen says: “Nallian’s unique approach of an open data sharing platform empowering collaborative applications gives our business the agility it needs to remain ahead of the game, today and tomorrow. It allows us immediately reap the benefits with our first set of applications in a range of processes, with the flexibility to quickly scale and add more applications in the future. We have been impressed by the proven performance of the platform, and are convinced it will generate significant value for the airport and our stakeholders.”

Nallian CEO Jean Verheyen says: “Liege Airport is a pioneer in the air cargo industry and we are proud to support them in their ambition to take their business and the air cargo sector to the next level. Our Nallian for Air Cargo Suite has been developed for and by Air Cargo leaders like them, so we are pleased to be able to support their long-term vision with a platform that is tuned to their reality.”