Logitrans Istanbul concludes for another year

Logitrans Istanbul 2015 opening ceremony ribbon cutting

Another Logitrans Istanbul trade show is coming to an end, having welcomed over 200 exhibitors and an estimated 15,000 visitors from different countries including Turkey, Germany and Luxembourg.

The show took place between 18 and 20 November at the Istanbul Dunya Ticaret Merkezi, opposite Ataturk International Airport. It hosted exhibitors from all forms of freight, including air, sea, rail and road transport. Airfreight exhibitors included Lufthansa Cargo, TNT Airways, Liege Airport and Turkish Cargo.

The show opened at 14.00h on Wednesday 18 November in Forum Hall nine, with an opening ceremony and tour, with speeches from the German government’s state secretary for the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, Rainer Bomba, and Messe Munchen deputy managing director, Gerhard Gerritzen, among others.

Tour of Logitrans Istanbul 2015, from left to right: UND president, Cetin Mr Alper Ketlikci, Turkish Cargo charter department Mr Huseyin Ceyhan, Turkish Cargo regional manager, Far East Mr. Rainer Bomba, state secretary of federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure of Germny Turgut Erkeskin, President of Utikad Mr. Gerhard Gerritzen, deputz general manager, Messe Muenchen,
Tour of Logitrans Istanbul 2015, from left to right:Mr. Ilker Altun, Director EKO
Mr. Cetin Nuhoglu, UND president
Mr. Alper Keklikci, Turkish Cargo charter department Mr. Huseyin Ceyhan, Turkish Cargo regional manager, Far East Mr. Rainer Bomba, state secretary of federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure of Germany Turgut Erkeskin, President of Utikad Mr. Gerhard Gerritzen, deputy general manager, Messe Muenchen,

In his speech, Gerritzen said: “Logitrans is very happy to host such prominent people … Logitrans is the most important exhibition for the Eurasian region … Turkey has advanced significantly in the past few years in its infrastructure.”

In Bomba’s speech, he said Turkey: “Connects Asia to Europe and poses a very important meeting point between the two continents.”

This was followed by the Organising Logistics – Breaking New Ground Together: The Importance of Infrastructure Projects for Turkish – German Logistics Cooperations, hosted by Logistics Alliance Germany. The session was moderated by Logistics Alliance Germany head of office, Lars Gunsel. Bomba and Gerritzen were among the speakers.

Bomba said: “Due to our geographical, companies have to cross through Germany and have to use our transport network and infrastructure therefore infrastructure is very important to us and we want to do justice for transport and logistics.”

On Thursday 19 November, there was a PeriLog International Conference on Supply Chain Management of Perishable Goods conference, focusing on Temperature Control of Perishable Goods. It was moderated by BVL Chapter Istanbul vice chairperson, Klaus von der Bey. The speakers for the session were Association of Science and Trade of Cooling, Storage and Transport chairman, Professor Doctor Rahmi Turk, ICEBERG food engineering consultant, Emine Derya Ikat, Polar XP general manager, Fahri Dundar and HAVI Logistics business development director, Derman Aydogan.

During the conference, attendees heard how 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually by consumers and the logistics industry. Speakers spoke about the waste and the problems faced with issues including not all companies playing by the rules or understanding that small changes of temperature can badly affect the quality of food products.

PeriLog hosted a second session on Friday 20 November, titled Save Fuel or Food – Potential for New Green Business Opportunities. It was moderated by MARESCH managing director, Bernd Maresch, with joe.systems founder, Dr Joachim Ehrenthal, Bogazici University assistant professor for the department of management, Mustafa Hayri Tongarlak and Global Cold Chain representative, Taner Atlatirlar.

Ehrenthal told attendees that in Germany alone, 11 million tonnes of food is wasted. He has been researching how this figure can be reduced. He says increasing shelf life of a product by one day can reduce wastage by up to 40 per cent, which could be done through measures such as different packaging. The problem though is working out how to avoid wasting food but minimising the amount of journeys required to deliver goods so as not to use excess fuel and protect the environment.

With all these exciting topics and people to meet in this increasingly important region of the world, we hope we can see you in Istanbul next year for Logitrans 2016.