LOT Cargo to use CHAMP’s Cargospot Quotes and DataAnalytics


LOT Cargo has signed for CHAMP Cargosystems’ Cargospot Quotes and DataAnalytics to assist their sales and revenue team and support expansion on cargo routes.

Cargospot Quotes is a new module, which streamlines the process of quotes creation, authorisation, distribution to customers, and upon acceptance, automated conversion of the quote into a booking.

DataAnalytics provides Artificial Intelligence based insights via dashboards as part of a wider performance report.

CHAMP says it leverages the cargo, shipment, and operational data processed by various services in the CHAMP portfolio including Cargospot, Traxon CDMP, Traxon Global Customs and Traxon cargoHUB.

CHAMP Cargosystems vice president of global sales and marketing, Nicholas Xenocostas says: “It is wonderful that LOT Cargo has chosen to benefit further from our solutions like Cargospot Quotes and DataAnalytics. Our new wave of performance and sales-focused products and services will not only bring more productivity for any airline, but also streamline the sales process.”

Cargo director at LOT Cargo, Michal Grochowski says: “CHAMP’s solutions are a happy addition to a moment of modernisation for LOT Cargo. We are embracing much of the newest technologies to bring all aspects of our business to the cutting edge. CHAMP powered data analysis, improved sales processes and internal communication will bring us there.”