Lufthansa Cargo to get Boeing 777 level D simulator

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Lockheed Martin simulator

German federal government aviation regulator Luftfahrt-Bundesamt has approved the Level D-certified Boeing 777-300 extended range full flight simulator.

The simulator was supplied by Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training (LMCFT) as part of a contract with Lufthansa Flight Training. LMCFT was formerly Sim-Industries. Level D is a level of simulation that is considered as good as actual flying experience.

“We are especially pleased that starting today Lufthansa Cargo, as our main customer on the new 777 simulator, can now train their pilots at their own home base,” says Lufthansa Flight Training simulator training division vice president and head, Ulrich Lindner.

The Boeing 777 simulator has an instructor operating system, high-fidelity aircraft system and avionics simulation. It also features a complete set of scenarios to accommodate initial and recurrent training.LMCFT vice president, Sandy Samuel, says: “The delivery of this new simulator is the product of exceptional partnership from the joint LMCFT and Lufthansa Flight Training team.”