Lufthansa Cargo and va-Q-tec sign container agreement


Lufthansa Cargo and va-Q-tec are to cooperate in the passive temperature-controlled container market after signing an agreement.

As part of the partnership, containers from va-Q-tec are now available worldwide at numerous stations of the German carrier.

Customers shipping pharmaceutical goods will benefit from the partnership of Lufthansa Cargo and the advanced container rental service from va-Q-tec.

Lufthansa Cargo head of product and sales, Alexis von Hoensbroech says: “We are delighted to be able to offer the innovative va-Q-tainer directly to our customers. The broad portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo is thus being expanded to include an excellent choice in the passive refrigeration segment.”

Va-Q-tec chief executive officer, Joachim Kuhn adds: “Our thermal containers provide five days temperature stability under even the most challenging conditions. These high performance containers will now be directly available through Lufthansa Cargo.

“This will have a very positive effect on Germany as the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in the world. We are very proud to have won Lufthansa Cargo as a strong partner not only in Germany but also in Asia, India, the USA and South America.”

The temperature controlled containers (va-Q-tainer), is now offered by Lufthansa Cargo, provide temperature controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside.

This week, Lufthansa Cargo reported the expansion of the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center is progressing well, and the Road Feeder Service Cool service has also been introduced.