Melbourne B&H worldwide facility expands ten-fold


Aerospace logistics provider, B&H Worldwide, has expanded its warehouse and offices in Melbourne. The move comes as the business caters for a higher demand to store, handle and process customer’s aerospace inventories, which includes large -scale items such as aero engines and tyres. B&H will offer specialist dangerous goods services.

The new facility is strategically positioned just 10 minutes’ drive from Tullamarine airport to handle the growing number of AOG (aircraft-on-ground) shipments the company is now carrying. The expansion will see more employment opportunities in the area as the facility will employ more staff to man the facility round the clock.

Describing the expansion Kaltner says: “There are multiple benefits for our customers from this expansion in Melbourne. And as our primary forward stocking location for Australia and the South Pacific we are now able to cater to all their expansion requirements. They will have global visibility of their inventory through our unique, cloud-based track and trace platform FirstTrac and with our increased capacity we can provide a full range of specialist aerospace logistics services.”