New members join Air Cargo Community Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport

The Air Cargo Community Frankfurt continues to grow after Georgi Transporte and Menian joined the trade association at Frankfurt Airport.

As a result, the number of members has grown to 35, representing all the areas of the air cargo transport chain and contribute their interests and their expertise to the Community’s various competence teams.

Together they develop measures and projects aimed at the further improvement of operations at the location, and aiming to strengthen the position of Frankfurt as a leading air cargo hub in Germany and Europe.

Air Cargo Community Frankfurt executive director, Joachim von Winning says: “The intensive activities of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt and its members sustainably bear fruit in many areas.

“We are delighted, therefore, that with Georgi and Menian two further companies are becoming involved in the Community, who can contribute valuable input for the benefit of the entire location.”

Georgi Transporte is a specialist for airfreight feeder transport in Europe and forwarding firm Menian is a transport company with a range of services.