Menzies Aviation to use Hermes 5 across network


Menzies Aviation has selected Hermes Logistics Technologies to provide the Cargo Management System for its global network, to be rolled out from next year.

The flagship management system Hermes 5 will be rolled out at cargo facilities from the first quarter.

H5 was launched last year and is being adopted by airports, airlines and ground handlers including Hanoi Airport, RSA National, LuxairCARGO and CHS Trade.

Robert Fordree, executive vice president cargo at Menzies Aviation says: “Hermes is in our DNA, we have a shared history and working with them means that we are uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the depth of functionality H5 has to offer. Sustainably growing our cargo business is a key part of our future strategy, and H5 will be integral to our toolset for achieving our growth trajectory.”

Yuval Baruch, chief executive officer of Hermes Logistics Technologies says: “Hermes 5 represents the future of cargo management solutions, its open architecture allows for full integration into cargo ecosystems, from warehouses to airports. One of the key benefits of Hermes 5 is its scalability, making it the ideal solution for a network like Menzies’ which includes small, medium, and large sized operations.”