Miami handles first ocean-to-air transhipment


Miami International Airport (MIA) has welcomed Florida’s first ever ocean-to-air perishables transhipment, including 10 tonnes of peas from Guatemala that flew to Amsterdam.

The shipment arrived aboard the Crowley Maritime vessel Tucana J at Port Everglades on 30 January, was trucked to MIA before departing to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol via Centurion Cargo on 2 February.

Crowley subsidiary, Customized Brokers partnered with MIA to win approval for the programme and can now coordinate ocean shipments of perishables from Latin America to Port Everglades, transport them to MIA where they will depart for Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Miami-Dade Aviation director, Emilio Gonzalez says: “We greatly appreciate our cargo and federal agency partners for collaborating with us in this exciting new chapter of MIA’s growth.”

“We continue to explore innovative concepts like the Ocean-to-Air program, which have immense potential to generate new revenue and business ties around the world.”

Customized Brokers vice president, Kimberly Wakeman says: “By listening to our customers, our unmatched ability to provide ocean transport and logistics services has been enhanced to help customers grow their global supply chains and reach grocers worldwide.”