Miró appointed president and CEO of Quiport


Following Andrew O’Brian, Quito Airport current president and CEO’s resignation, Ramón Miró, who has held the presidency of HAS-DC in the city of Houston, will assume the role of new president and CEO as of June 1, 2021.

The Board of Directors expressed its deep gratitude to Andrew O’Brian for his leadership throughout the past nine years in the Quito International Airport project, of which eight have been as President and CEO.

On behalf of the shareholders and employees of Quiport, Cristiane Gomes and Andrés Ortega, members of the company’s Board of Directors, stated: “Andrew O´Brian always exhibited absolute clarity regarding his objectives and was able to successfully lead the company, always demonstrating, in addition to his professional capacity, his innate talent for human relations at all levels. We wish him the best in the new professional stage that he has decided to follow.

“Ramón is a professional with extensive experience who has been part of the Board of Directors and knows the company and the project profoundly. For our part, we will give him all the support and confidence necessary to start his management on the right foot”.