MNG Airlines hosts the Hope Cafe for children with cancer


MNG Airlines continues to touch hearts with the efforts and contribution of its employees. The only private Turkish air cargo company attaches great importance to social responsibility projects with its nearly 1000 employees. Recently, MNG Airlines hosted Hope Cafe as a fundraising event for The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV).

The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV), which was established in 2000 to ensure the continuity of the treatment of children who are at risk of delaying their treatment due to financial problems, started the Hope Cafe project to provide additional income to the families of children receiving cancer treatment. Hope Cafe, which was launched in 2017, offers employment opportunities to families who come from outside the city and have economic difficulties for the treatment of children with cancer. In Hope Cafe, which draws its route with voluntary stops in Istanbul in a transit vehicle, handmade products made by mothers and hot and cold drinks are served.

MNG Airlines hosted Hope Cafe in the parking area of its Head Office last week. Employees who bought the delicious products of Hope Cafe and drank their coffee also gave hope to a child who has cancer. Hope Cafe, which supports the family budget by selling the snacks prepared by the mothers, won the appreciation of the employees with its service and sincerity. Ali Sedat Özkazanc, general manager of MNG Airlines.

“As MNG Airlines, we are a team with a very strong sense of solidarity. Having Hope Kafe with us today was an event that brought our team together while creating resources for KAÇUV. We will continue our co-operation with KAÇUV to ensure the sustainability of the treatment and offer an optimal environment for treatment. We want to host Hope Cafe in our facility at Istanbul Airport as soon as possible and increase our donations” he said.